Team Building & Leadership Skills

Working with people, especially those who report to you, is an area that makes many people either feel excited or nervous about. Those who get excited are probably people who like to feel in control and find it easy to work others. Those who feel nervous are probably more sensitive to what others think of them and shy away from conflict. In either case, developing good team building and leadership abilities does not have to be something super complex or cumbersome. Here are some very simple tips on how to develop your team building skills:

Team Building

  • Understand your own working style. Are you flexible? Organized? Easily distracted?
  • Understand the working style of your team. Learning this will make it easy for you to put the skills of your team together like a puzzle.
  • Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of your team. Everyone works better when he or she knows exactly what needs to get done.
  • Welcome feedback from within your team. Creating an environment where everyone can give feedback is critical to good communication.
  • Learn to acknowledge and reward. When people are acknowledged, their work brings them greater satisfaction and becomes more purposeful.
  • Always celebrate success. It doesn’t matter how big or small the achievement, celebrations are reminders that your team is achieving its goals.

Here are some thoughts on what makes a great leader.

  • Great leaders have excellent communication skills. Being able to clearly and succinctly describe what you want done is extremely important.
  • Great leaders choose to have a positive attitude. Enthusiasm in all you do is contagious and people will like to be around you.
  • Great leaders are believe in honesty. Remember, choosing to be honest and ethical will be reflected in your team as well.
  • Great leaders know how to delegate. Do you trust your team enough to do the things you normally do? If so, then you allow your team to be responsible and giving them room to shine in their strengths.
  • Great leaders have direction and choose to stay focused on the big picture.
  • Great leaders are confident in their subject matter. We rely on the expertise of our leaders.
  • Great leaders show wholehearted commitment to their business and team.
  • Great leaders embrace creativity for problem solving.
  • Great leaders trust their intuition. Learning to trust yourself is as important as your team learning to trust you.
  • And finally, great leaders are solutions-driven.

Following these simple ideas can turn any person into an exceptional leader in business and life!

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